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The EU-Integration-Index is the first to allow a measurement of economic integration for the certain members of the  European Union. It also enables us to rank the members regarding their integration into the EU.

The EU-Index is annually recorded and is both available for the old EU-15 (EU-15-Index) and for the EU-25 (EU-25-Index). Recently the EU-Index was also calculated in a slightly differrent form for the integration of Switzerland into the EU (EU-Switzerland-Index).

This shall give a quantifiable base for any economic or political discussion to allow a better assessment of economic developments or political decisions, which are ascribed to “the european integration”.



König, J. and Ohr, R. (2013), Different Efforts in European Economic Integration: Implications of the EU Index. Journal of Common Market Studies. doi: 10.1111/jcms.12058

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